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All member theatres have a unique username and password for posting Jobs and Auditions on the website. To post go to ChicagoPlays.com and click on LOGIN at the top. 30-day audition listings are free for League Members and $100 for Non-Member Organizations. Non-members should contact ben@chicagoplays.com to post a listing or with any questions.

The League of Chicago Theatres accepts advertising for jobs and auditions from entities that are not members of the League of Chicago Theatres. Applicants for jobs or roles should use caution when replying to an ad from a theatre or other business they do not know. Be especially prudent when releasing personal information.

Audition notices are made available to Chicago area actors at no charge. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in any amount to support the programs and services of the League of Chicago Theatres.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Polartity Ensemble Theatre
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity

Mosque Alert Understudy

Silk Road Rising
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity
Seeking male actor to cover middle eastern roles age 42-55

Spoon River Anthology

E.D.G.E. Theatre
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity

Recent Tragic Events

Interrobang Theatre Project
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity
Female U/S for upcoming production of RECENT TRAGIC EVENTS

Greenhouse Theater Center's Solo Celebration

Greenhouse Theater Center
Equity/Non Equity: Both
A 7-Month Showcase of Solo Plays and Artists

Crawling Between Heaven and Earth

The Collective at Concordia-Chicago
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity
Crawling Between Heaven and Earth, based on Hamlet

Mary-Kate Olsen Is In Love

The Comrades at the Apollo Theatre Studio
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity

The Comedy of Errors

The Bowen Park Theatre
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity

Savage in Limbo & Dirt

The Poor Theatre
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity
We are auditioning both of our 2016 shows.
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